Ugh, STEM majors…

I hold jealousy, fascination, admiration and annoyance toward STEM majors.

I want to become a STEM major. Their minds are quick, sharp and precise, and they’re also really smart. It doesn’t hurt to mention that they make big bucks, too. But my mind doesn’t work the way a STEM-oriented person’s mind does. I’m not big on numbers or calculations or laboratory experiments or technology. I wish I was. But I’m not.

I’ve chosen, for the time being, to major in Psychology.

And if you’re like almost any other person I’ve told this to, you’re going to point out, as if I haven’t heard this before, that psychology is useless.

Fine. I get it. I’ve been so affected by your words that I’ve debated changing my major before I even experimented in it.

To me, psychology isn’t a blow-off major. I’m genuinely interested in learning about the human mind, and I guess I’ve always been predisposed to being curious about it from my observing tendencies to my uncanny ability to read people like a book.

I want to become either a forensic, clinical, or I-O psychologist. Sounds fun, right?

My goal is to, if I do stick with psychology as a major, excel in it and go on to become a world-renowned psychologist. Then I can prove everybody wrong. Is that a childish goal? I really hope not. I’ve had my heart set on it for a while, now.

My dad, a STEM major, jokes to me that people should put more focus on the humanities and arts and science careers more because pretty soon robots are going to take over technology and be able to do calculations that STEM majors do now, thus stealing their jobs. He told me that robots can’t think like humans do, however, so the “soft skilled” careers are safe.

Isn’t that funny?

Engineering and computer science are the top paying majors currently. There are literally so many types of engineering it makes my head swim. Sure, robots are possibly poised to take over the world and sure, robots are terrifyingly good at computations. But I don’t think in our lifetime will robots take over the job field for STEM majors. If anything, I predict that career field will actually grow with the help of robots.

Ugh. STEM people always brag about how they’re supposedly smarter than the rest of us. They look down at the other majors because… well, they are smart. Maybe you need to be smarter for a STEM major than a humanities major? But really, is that true? In some ways, STEM is easier, because all you really need is a focused memory and a calculator. In soft skill majors, you actually need to use your head to think through concepts or write a paper.

There’ll always be the undeniable tug of jealousy whenever somebody declares they are a STEM major through and through, and there will always be the undeniable flash of embarrassment when you admit you are a liberal arts major. For me, anyway. The hype around STEM majors is real. If I could choose which side to be on, I’d choose the STEM side.

Just so I can brag about how good I am with a calculator.

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