Quick Homecoming blog

Ah, the Homecoming dance. It’s a pretty cute tradition. A little awkward at times but cute nonetheless. The dress code isn’t as strict as prom, and if you’ve snatched a good DJ the night should be really fun.

I’m not going this year, because I’ve gone the past two years and deemed both pretty good memories (so I’ve decided to leave on a high note in case this year turned out to be a flop!) Instead, I spent the day today scribbling Psych notes, mulling over college applications, and mowing the lawn, garnering about ten thousand mosquito bites in the process. A darn good trade off, right? I still remember last year I didn’t even know which dress I was going to wear the day of.

I still remember my sophomore/junior Homecomings vividly. Sophomore year, the set-up was glorious- the big gym for dancing, small gym for chilling and chatting. The DJ was nice, too. Junior year, last year, the set-up was terrible- Everybody had to stay in the Commons, with no place to rest/re-hydrate/recuperate. BUT I had a cute date and he made the time worthwhile πŸ™‚

So there you have it! My two Homecoming experiences. Wow, it’s getting really dark outside already. The doors open for the dance in fifteen minutes! To everybody who’s going, have fun! May the DJ be a better one than last year πŸ˜‰

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